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full recap of friday

Because today's techfee meeting wasn't until 2:30, my usual excuse for not going to the office on Friday went away. I thought that it was a great idea to go there anyway since I had planned to send out a manuscript by the end of the week. Once I got there, that didn't really happen. Nothing that I planned to do happened. Instead of doing the things that needed to be done, I worked on cleaning the data from yesterday.

Lunch, a bus, and techfee. Then hanging out at Solstice with Ellen, reading the Stranger, organizing postcards, etc.

The evening entertainment began when Carole and I went to see Dr. Strangelove. It was really very funny. Seeing old movies like that feels like catching up on knowledge that I was supposed to have, but didn't.

After the movie, we walked over to Cedars and ran into Nicole and Jocelyn in a parking lot. While we were looking at Jocelyn's new car, a homeless (?) guy asked us for: directions to Aurora, the best way to get downtown, ninety-nine cents for a Jack-In-The-Box hamburger.

Dinner at Cedars was good. They have the annoying habit of obsessively filling glasses with water. Seriously, I don't know how they employ so many people just to walk around with pitchers of water. It is completely strange.

We went to Flowers to research further entertainment options and found that the Briefs were playing a free (!) show at the Crocodile. They were a lot of fun to watch. Very high energy, and good people watching. A guy was wearing only a bra and panties with red fishnet stockings. The other disturbing fashion statement among the bands was an apparent return to the 80's. This really needs to be resisted.

Also strange: I had a tiny bit of beer at the Crocodile, which caused my body to be very unhappy with me.


Free show at the croc? It sure is a shame that I missed out on that one.
I was really surprised that they were having a free show, especially since I'd heard of (but not heard) The Briefs. . I was also sort of surprised that it wasn't "sold out" when we got there.

I guess that's why it pays to consult every tiny detail of The Stranger
that guy really seemed out of place... until the person wearing a full raccoon suit started wandering around.
I don't know how I saw, but then forgot about, the raccoon guy. When I saw him (?), he was just sitting at a table with humans. I didn't notice if he was eating or drinking. I would've liked to see how he accomplished that.
good question. the eyeholes were obvious, but i didn't get a close enough look to see if there was a space for his mouth.