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the only earth?

the What I Did Today post

One of the early events of today was waking up. This was followed by some personal hygeine and then it was off to class to take that exam that I mentioned last night. I didn't think that the test was really difficult or a particularly good evaluation, but whatever. Though I started by writing my name on each page in blue ink, I used a mechanical pencil to write my answers.

Later, I read some articles. One was about fat. The basic message is that being overweight might not be bad, but being sedentary and eating a horrible diet probably isn't good for you. Another was a critique of the State of the Union Address. It's mostly a free-form interview with an expert on public speaking. Again, the message wasn't particularly revolutionary--George W. Bush is a horrible public speaker, but he did OK this week--but I enjoyed it for all of the little details about what makes a good speech. It also included some humorous anecdotes about Al Gore's inaccurate hand gestures and George W. Bush's tendency to make "duck head" movements.

In the afternoon I picked up some data about people who tried to lose weight through a ten-week intensive [non-pharmaceutica] intervention. I'm going to look at change in cardiovascular risk for a fun side project.

After that meeting, I went to Tower and bought some CDs. For those of you keeping score: Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Voyager One, The Melody Unit, and OK Go; each for about $10. I also picked up a "new" issue of Vice magazine. In case you were wondering, Fresh Jive's new advertising campaign features a "found" photo of a man wearing shorts that don't conceal his genitals. There is also a photo spread of developmentally disabled adults, who also pose as the editorial staff of the magazine.

At a convenience store, the clerk told me that my shirt said Owls and that it had a picture of an owl. I told her, "yes, yes it does."


The fat article reminds me of pet peeve #487 in American journalism: few journalists are brave/bright enough to call out the difference between cause and correlation or question stats handed to them in a press release.
The critique article reminds me of how embarrassed I am by the president of my country. I am more embarrassed by Bush's public speaking than I am by Clinton's penis and cigar. Something seems wrong about that, but it's how I feel.
The clerk story reminds me that I meant to add you to my friends list but seem to have forgotten to do so. I'm off to do it now... no, really. You're a fine human being. Proof: you did not disagree with the Dudley-esque convenience store clerk. I don't know whether your shirt actually did have owls on it. That's beside the point. Regardless of whether she was right or wrong, to disagree with her would have been unkind in that particular situation. Clearly you are learning something in that ethics class.
And clearly this is the longest in my brief lj history.