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stupid meta article


you know the gentrification of all that is indie, mod, or hipster-ish has officially begun when USA Today starts covering it's cultural ramifications. I can't say I'm surprised.
i wonder what the legions of MeFiers such as myself think about this so-called craze. It's probably a conspiracy started by the editors of Wired or some geekniks publication.
this is sort of cheating since I took the link from MetaFilter ... what they think:



man, the mefi community sucks ass now. it's gone the way of slashdot.

Re: m3t4

I don't really ever read the comments; not even for that link. I am an irresponsible linker.

Re: m3t4

very true. fark isn't any better. well i don't think fark means to be any better.
OMJ is right. I particularly disliked the author's lame attempt at being meta: "Meta-journalism? That would be the moment in which I tell you how writing this article has taken me back to English 101."