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Tonight's designated Tuesday Night Social Event was playing Trivial Pursuit at Espresso Roma.1 Even though I am generally un-competitive, I somehow ended up almost yelling at some guy from the general coffeehouse population who joined us. I didn't completely understand that he wasn't a friend of a friend, but he kept convincing my teammate to go with wrong answers.2 But anyway, that was sort of entertaining.

I also hold the rather strong conviction that you shouldn't read the answer to the questions until the other team guesses. Especially after reading about the microexpressions (too lazy to find the link...). The game ended in a tie, which was actually fine with me.

My iPod finally arrived, so I'll probably play with that for the rest of the night. Whee!

(1) As a Solstice partisan, this wouldn't have been my choice, but it worked well for this because it was quiet and fairly empty.

(2) I'll blame it on the caffeine. Though I needed to go back to remind the barista to include an espresso shot in a mocha. yeah. please see cafe partisanship, above.

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