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this whole post is stupid, but I don't feel like editing anymore.

I just did something geeky--sneaking into a communications class to hear brad talk about livejournal. Now I feel that I compelled to balance that activity with something involving fresh air. This, I realize, doesn't make any sense, but the weather is incredibly nice. It's supposedly pretty cold in other parts of the country; so I think I'll go outside to run. I don't know if this pleasant weather guilt is rational, but I'll just go with it for now.

As for the geekiness, I can't completely escape it. My plans for tonight involve watching the State of the Union Address and going to play trivia games at a cafe. Or a bar. Maybe both.


an incomplete summary . . .

Most of the hour was question-and-answer. Brad started with a really brief history of livejournal, the open-source aspect, how he didn't know much about business, and a gave basic description of its operations. He related a couple anecdotes and then really relied on people's questions to fill the rest of the time. People asked about the costs, distribution, Brad's day-to-day dealings with the site, and his goals for the future. I'm not sure how many people really had an idea of what livejournal (or other weblogs) were.

Occasionally Evan, Eli, or Erik would ask questions / prompt Brad to talk about certain things. Unlike me, they arrived early and sat near the front. I just grabbed a seat near the back of the class. I don't think that anyone else in the class had a livejournal.

You might be happy to hear that at neither PowerPoint nor any type of projection system was employed. Had it been my presentation, I probably would have prepared lots of slides and shown the actual site using a data projector. Not that it wasn't a good talk. I was really impressed with the number of questions asked by the class.