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I had fun at Dante's. Really, any time I can use the cocktail tray I know it's a good time. Especially when I can use the cocktail tray to deliver Shirley Temples. That's a definite highlight.

Another scary highlight was when Ellen threw her keys across the table at Brad. That was really a shocking development.

Finally, there were so many pretty drinks at the T-table. I was strangely obsessed with them, and their names.

O.K., that's all for now.


i bet it would have been more fun with prizes
Dante's is its own prize.
beer is a prize unto itself.


you were awesome delivering
the shirley temples!
if I'm ever down on my luck, I plan on using this as a letter of recommendation for a career as a cocktail waiter.


drink names

Josh... I'm looking for new drinks... you should post the names from the pretty drinks (my faves *grin*)... or were you too drunk from the shirley temples to remember? -- Aaron http://601am.com

Re: drink names

aaron_pev, I don't think that the drinks were terribly complicated, maybe they just seemed out-of-place at this bar? For instance: a whisky sour (but it was peach colored), midori sour (almost glowing green), a lemon-drop (in a martini glass with sugar around the rim), a mystery purple drink (but no one seemed to know the ingredients).

the shirley temple was also pretty, but when I finally got around to having one (solidarity with the non-drinkers), mine was way too sugary.