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let's see.

I watched some quality television this morning: the High School Reunion marathon from last night and Made on MTV (about a kid who wanted to be a varsity basketball player). Reality TV. So absolutely not real, but very watchable. I think that a ten-year reunion might even be worth attending if it was held in Hawai'i.

After that spree of productivity, I went to the CHRU for a progress meeting. It was pretty painless, but it did highlight that I basically have no clue about what I want to do with my life once I get my PhD. And that I don't really have a dissertation topic, or any concrete ideas for one. My goal for that will be the spring quarter.

After that, I didn't get much of anything done; mostly because I was distracted by planning for Miami. So far, we haven't located a trainee beach house; so we might be stuck with conventional accommodations.

Now I think I'm off to Dante's. No prizes, but still likely to be fun.


there should be prizes at Dantes

there should be prizes at all bars
beer is a prize unto itself!






I was going to say that Dante's is its own reward, but I think you've pretty much covered it.

Strange that they don't have Pabst Blue Ribbon at Dante's, isn't it? Or isn't it scenester enough for PBR?


Cheap beer knows no social constraints.
I think that PBR is an exception to that rule.
i was watching that Made too, thinking about how dumb it was yet how i wasn't changing the channel (or god forbid, turning off the tv).
I kept thinking that I should stop watching, but I really needed to know whether or not he'd made the varsity team.


Duh! Of course he was going to. I bet he still sucked though.
See, I really thought that he'd make JV, so that there could still be some sort of lesson. I really enjoyed that he only wanted to play basketball to be popular. By the end, maybe there was a lesson about perseverance, but not really about love for the game.

You're right though, he'll probably not play very much at all.
When/why are you going to Miami?

And were you trying to be pretentious by hyphenating "Hawaii?"
I'm going to Miami in March for an American Heart Association conference.

I was not trying to be pretentious by hyphenating using an apostrophe in the name of that state. I think it's the way the Hawai'ians want it to be spelled.
Okay, I laughed out loud at that - you ARE a dork (but it was a good one! You got her!) but you ARE also pretentious.

And I didn't know you were going to Mia'mi!
Please direct this question to Mark Nakamoto, I'm sure he'll support me on this matter.
Okay, okay - I'm sure he's right. But . . . it's just . . . funny.

And I said you WERE NOT a dork, just to clear that up. I think it's funny that you would want to sneak into some random class to hear the founder of lj talk.