josh (joshc) wrote,

Wednesday is the day that just goes on forever. This is how it goes:

Hmm, still dark. Buzzer of death is imminent. It's Wednesday, so the CD would be too gentle, has to be the buzzer. Twenty minutes. Buzz. It is still dark. Shower. Not so dark anymore. Randomly email, cereal, hair and wardrobe. It's light, I'm late. Walk to class through wet air. Wait for the projector to work. Absorb knowledge. Stay awake. Don't doodle. Make occasional notes. Next.

Walk to the bus stop (still wet air). Ride. Walk. Stop. Starbucks in the building, can't be avoided. Dredge project details from memory. Work. (Eat) Work. Meeting. Wait for speaker to convince the projector to work. Assume attentive poses. Quick note (late -- hurry).

Walk, bus, walk. Meet, amend, discuss, report. Walk. Home. Avoid homework. Postpone running. Stop slacking. Now. Press Post.
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