josh (joshc) wrote,

in case you were wondering...

So far, today has featured doing laundry, reading, and watching Mulholland Drive. I don't really think that I got a whole lot more out of it on this second-viewing, but it is still a good movie.

Last night I went to see About Schmidt and had Mexican food with Kate and Carole. The theater was packed and we had to sit in the second row, but our seats didn't diminish my enjoyment of the movie. While the film may have changed my perspective about motor homes, the wedding-related scenes only reinforced my deep discomfort with marriage. It was painfully realistic. I've been thinking about the ending, which I thought was found ambiguous [but good]. Carole thought it was a happy ending; maybe I'm just too cynical.

I have no specific plans for tonight. But I've run out of cash and have already visited the ATM too many times this week; so I will probably stay in.
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