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secondary sources (a.k.a., I'm a dork).

Walking to the bus stop, I realized that I'd forgotten my cell phone. My first thought was, "how will I know the time?" Then I remembered that I had planned for such an occasion by leaving my rarely-used watch in my bag.


I don't know which is funnier - you relying on your cell phone for the time, or you planning for the eventuality of forgetting the phone.

Also, what about people wanting to get in touch with you, and not being able to since you don't have the phone? That's what I think when I forget my phone (then again, I always wear a watch, so I've got the time issue covered).

it's not like I enjoy answering the phone...

I wish I could take credit for planning to forget the phone. It just worked that way, mostly because that little pocket in my bag seems like a good place not to lose my watch.

It was sort of fun to respond to people's "oh, a new watch?" with "no, I just forgot my cell phone."

Re: it's not like I enjoy answering the phone...

Hi Josh,

Before I read your comment, I was just about to say that I was absolutely astounded that a person could be so prepared for future eventualities. My Mum's a big believer in having a back-up system (like a watch in one's bag); so much so that she's quite happy to use redundant language, saying stuff like: ATM machine (presumably so that if 'ATM' doesn't convey the necessary meaning to the message recipient, surely the back-up word of 'machine' will do the trick).

I'm crap at preparing for unexpected future states. The only example of my foresight I can think of is one time when I was a lot drunker than I should've been, and I was thinking to myself: Oh man, I sure feel sorry for the dude who's going to wake up with that hang-over, I should give him something to take his mind off it. So I went and hid my own toothbrush.

It kind of worked; I had a good laugh about it in the morning.