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Went to BINGO at Chop Suey. Both Ellen and I won some fabulous prizes. My fabulous prize was a Crayola brand 35 mm camera. Yes. You are all so jealous.

After a few rounds of BINGO, it would be time for some karaoke. (or just 'roke). For the most part, it wasn't good (or bad). There were a couple of exceptions: Cori and Betsy sang "Heartbreaker" and won excellent prizes with the assistance of a well-organized cheering section. Another guy was pretty good too, but we don't really care about him anyway.

I'm not sure that BINGO is the anti-Dante's, but it's possible. Even though it was fun, I'm pretty sure that I'll go back to the T-table next week.

special sneak preview of my activities for tomorrow: Tuesday Night Social Club will be meeting at Ruby at ~ 5 pm for the $3 drink of the moment tomorrow. Also: Acoustic Tuesday at Sunset Tavern. Come one and all for good times.


what did ellen win? a night's stay in the Ace Hotel?
oh - even better than that! For her last bingo of the night she won: Play Doh, a toast press *, an old-fashioned sugar cookie cutter, a gift certificate for Piecora's, and admission for two to the Baltic Room.

* Leaves inspirational message on toast: Today is Your Day!
Yes sadly I did not win a night at the Ace Hotel. But you're welcome to be my guest at the Baltic Room some night.
Sweet! Thanks. That bingo thing sounds fun. Maybe next time I don't have class (Presidents day?) I'll come with you.
Is it a regularly-occurring event? / how long does your class go?
I was under the assumption that bingo is every Monday. My perl class is every monday until the end of the school year.
I was going to say that you should come after class, but I don't know how regularly Bingo occurs.


After class I'm usually too pooped to do anything.