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So my Very Exciting Sunday Evening features watching the Golden Globe Awards. And god. are they boring. I think the Hollywood Foreign Press is running short on funds. It doesn't seem like they put any effort into making the show even slightly entertaining. Maybe they just invested in drugs for the guests so the winners would give incoherent rambling speeches?

It's so nice to see that Celine Dion has come out of retirement to do commercials for Chrysler. With her baby. In the same commercial break as a Dr. Pepper tribute to Jam Master Jay.

So much for my dream that she was gone for good.


Those Celine commercials are awful! I also watched the Globes, and it seemed like at every commercial break I had to mute the tv to get rid of her. She makes me not want to own Chrysler products.
they really leave me wondering about the target demographic for those commercials. Sure, I admit that the Golden Globes are a girly thing to watch . . . but are there that many people who would buy a car because of Celine? Actually, I don't think I want to know the answer to that.

Evidence that the Celine-lovers outnumber the Celine-haters would be too depressing.
Personally, I would think there are more people out there who would refuse to buy a car because of Celine. But the sad thing is I'm probably wrong. Damn you Celine Dion - go back into retirement with your 95-year-old husband!