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I went to see Rachel's dinner theater tonight in Pioneer Square with Kate and Damian. We weren't eligible to win the prize for solving the murder mystery since we were guests seeing the show for free. Otherwise, I think that we definitely would have tried harder and been able to figure it out. Anyway, the show was very good. Rachel sang and died.

When the performance was over we walked around to find a place to eat (it was dinner theater, but we didn't pay the $50). Passing many clubs, we eventually settled on Trattoria Mitchelli. I think we were influenced by their being open until 4 AM.

I don't think that I'd ever been to Pioneer Square at that time of night on a weekend so I found all of the clubs unsettling. All of the people waiting in line to get into places. I think there were even some raver kids. I guess the strange part is that I never thought about all of those people existing.

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