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let's see

yesterday ... tech fee meeting, editing at solstice, going to see Talk to Her, stale popcorn and $3 water for dinner, a group neuvella project.

A couple of words about Talk To Her: slow, creepy, beautiful, creepy. It was a foreign movie about two women in a coma, so it was not entirely unexpected. Maybe I'll look at some reviews.

today ... i don't know. no specific plans. maybe some fresh air?


a $3.00 water?
welcome to movie-theater concession stands.
at least it was Fiji.

It's good water, but it sucks to pay so much. I'd just been running and was really thirsty though.
And I'm a little afraid of tap water. I know it's completely irrational.


oh my god. i did not realize movie theater water is so pricey now, just like candy and popcorn. yea, tap water is a little scary these days.