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nothing much happened

Not much of anything happened today. Sirens and flashing lights disrupted my morning class. We relocated to a sort-of hallway so that we could complete the lecture. Every so often, the professor would stop and encourage people to use the hallway without worry of interrupting him.

Instead of running, I talked to my sister on the phone tonight while I prepared dinner. At her school, they don't cancel classes for MLK Jr. day, which I think is kind of amazing. My amazement, however, left me feeling a guilty for not signing up to volunteer this year.


At Kalamazoo College, they never used to cancel classes for MLK Jr Day either. They would, however, have a full day of activities to commemorate him, but then you couldn't go to most of them unless you skipped class.

MLK Day Signup

You know you can still try and contact Miller and come down with us to the Baby Boutique.

Re: MLK Day Signup

yeah. I guess.

but I am not really interested in babies.