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thanks rhiannonwc

In case you missed the news: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be published on 21 June 2003. I just ordered a copy.

I almost feel sorry people who have been waiting three years for this--the book will probably only take a couple days to read. Hmm . . . 255,000 words, more words than the King James Bible; so maybe a little longer?


a maybe stupid question

What's the difference between the adult edition and the children's edition? Any idea? I pre-ordered the adult one too, I'm just curious.

Re: a maybe stupid question

I think it's just the cover art.

Re: a maybe stupid question

Ok, that was my guess, I was just thinking there might be more to it than that because why make a separate edition just to have 2 different covers? I guess in the book world that totally makes sense though. Thanks!

Re: a maybe stupid question

well, there's also the matter of the coarse language, explicit sex, and gratuitous violence.

Re: a maybe stupid question

Well, yeah, that goes without saying. It wouldn't be the Harry Potter we all know and love if it wasn't full of sex and violence.

I hear the author of Pulp Friction helped write a few chapters. ;-)

Re: a maybe stupid question

So Harry and Draco finally set aside their differences in this one?


It's a timeless tale of hate, love, and two young wizards.
yah... i didn't encounter the whole harry potter thing until a few months ago while travelling to toronto. i read all of the books in three days and felt very cranky at the end for not "making it last longer."

i'm excited to read the next one.
me too.

you'd think that J.K. Rowling has something against instant gratification!

I think a lot of kids stretch out the fun by re-reading the books over and over and over. I'm not sure that I'm in that deep; though I can see how a refresher might be useful after a three year wait. (not that the books don't sort of take care of that.
If you order it online when will you receive it? Jeff and I were planning a midnight line waiting at B&N on the 20th.
I assume that it will take a while. With the whole shipping from the U.K. and all.

I can't really imagine myself going to a midnight book line to get it anyway. And now that I've started on the U.K. adult edition path, I don't think that I can stop.
Oh yeah, I forgot about you reading the British version. That makes sense.

Standing in line is crazy, but like everyone has been telling me lately, I am crazy. Oh well!
no crazier than ordering something from overseas when a perfectly good copy is here in the U.S.

but I know I'm crazy too. I've been playing Tetris for the past hour. It is ridiculous.