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For this entry, I'll take an inventory of the current state of affairs on my floor.

Pile #1: A basket of laundry that I washed three days ago. It is clean, just not folded. It is so much easier to just take unfolded clothes as needed rather than take the time to put it away.

Pile #2: Books. Textbooks live here as well as poor, abandoned Moby Dick. Some of the writing in the first chapters was amazing, but a couple weeks ago I hit the wall and couldn't take another chapter on the technical aspects of whaling operations. Last week I retired Pastoralia from the in-progress to the completed pile; so it might be a good time to head back to the high seas. It will have to compete with Fast Food Nation for my attention.

Pile #3: STF proposals. I read half of them this weekend, but there're a lot of people out there who want money.

Well, this was a lot more clever in my mind. The point is to illustrate the flaw of procrastination, but at least there aren't any piles of rotting food or anything gross; so I won't be too hard on myself.

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