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After being at Met Park all afternoon not doing my homework, I went to Solstice to read the articles that I'd ignored all day. Things were going well, reading and infusing caffeine to the Solstice Mix CD (TM?).

I'm realized too late that my titration of sugar and caffeine went out of balance, killing my attention span and leaving me trying not to grind my teeth. I think that I'll try to eat something before going to Dante's(?)

side note: this stupid post reminds me of something about chemistry lab that was sort of fun--titration--the spinning bar magnets, phenolphthalein, pipettes, acids, bases. aah. good times!


this is not a word.
what's wrong with side note?
Side note is definitely a phrase. "Sidnote" is not a word, however.
I know.
You always jump on me about the spelling and grammer. I was just returning the favor.
shouldn't it be "speling and grammer"?

... the joy of not being able to edit comments!
sometimes i don't like you very much.

particularly when you talk about jailing the homeless, and when you make fun of people who can't walk.

notes and clarifications

So that time I was sure that it was intentional.

Jailing the Homeless is akin to Get Your War On style humor. Except I was referencing Michigan and Governor John Engler who basically shut down funding for state mental hospitals. This filled the streets with homeless crazy people who mostly ended up in jail. Clever plan, wasn't it?

I don't make fun of people who can't walk. Just the ones who hang out in heroin park and are too fat to walk four blocks without a cart and the assistance of a Metro bus. I think that's an important detail: it's not as if I'm picking on the paraplegics, the legless, the neuromuscular degenerates, or other upstanding wheelchair-bound individuals.

But no more, I'm willing to admit that I might have a problem. I'll be checking out NAAFA right away.