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hooray! an update.

I went to the office to print articles and read them for class tomorrow. Instead I just finished reading all of this year's techfee proposals.

My eyes are tired and the browser fonts are magnified; so I guess this must count as some sort of productivity.


Good boy

Good job on reading all of the Techfee proposals, if it weren't for you, noone would get anything this year :) I officially dub thee the "Techfee Santa Claus (TM), now with enhanced Titration!"

Re: Good boy

yeah. I thought you'd like that.

anyway, I'd rather be generous with wireless than hand out projectors to the masses. I feel like the recent New Yorker piece about the evils of PowerPoint should possibly be required reading for the committee ... we should know what we're promoting!

Re: Good boy

*ahem* That was not at all recent, only recent to the livejournal (i.e., mine). It was actually published in 2001.

Moreover, it spawned a debate among some friends of mine. One friend claimed that if a person were to read the New Yorker, the Economist, and Scientific American, this person would be completely informed and would not have to read any other magazines. While something of a bold claim admittedly, another friend claimed something about this persone being totally and completely wrong. I think. I wasn't actually there for this argument. But it goes down in history as the "New Yorker-Economist-Scientific American argument" spawned by the technology issue of the New Yorker (in which the PowerPoint article was published).

Re: Good boy

here's the link --

I meant to include it, but didn't realize that the comment had been posted. Stupid beta-version Apple web browser (Safari)!