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so. my old broken mp3 player wasn't really broken. the batteries were just dead.

I feel like a complete genius right about now.


you can cancel the ipod order right?
that's the conflict:
I probably can cancel it, but I'm not sure if I really want to to that...

So, can I have the iPod?
of course!

It's not as if I was completely stupid. I tried plugging it in and it didn't start at all; so I assumed that there was something seriously wrong. I didn't realize that having working batteries was required for proper functioning of the unit.

I'm dying too... It's not as if I don't want the iPod. It's just less compelling now.
what type is your old one?
It's one of the early Archos Jukeboxes (the 6 GB model).
I'm probably ready for an upgrade anyway in terms of disk space and features. Also, the hard drive is a little noisy.

But it was much easier to justify the purchase of a new player when I thought it was completely broken.
make sure to get a case/sleeve for that ipod becuase they scratch REALLY easily. The cases didn't come out until a full month after I purchased it.
I think that the new models might even come with a case ...