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snow day

I went snowtubing at Snoqualmie [ pictures ] with Rachel, Elena, Charles, Carole, Jenn, Jon, and Damian.

We left before noon in two cars, youth-group team A and B style. On the highway, in Jon's truck, we listened to the radio and heard that a traction advisory was in place. For a while it was somewhat questionable whether Elena would be able to make it in her Honda Accord. We decided to brave it rather than initiating a complex shuttling scheme. This was not necessarily brave on the part of those of us in a 4-wheel drive vehicle, but you get the picture.

It turned out to be not a lot of trouble, and soon we were in line for tubing tickets signing away our rights to sue in the event of bodily harm. The whole thing was very fun and injury-free. Eventually, we eventually improved on the launch procedures, introducing spins, slingshots, and running starts.

Even though there was a tow rope to eliminate the climb, it was time-intensive and walking up the hill wasn't very difficult. Also there was the benefit of the suggestion of exercise. By the end of the session the tow rope's charms were evident, mostly as an activity that promoted snowball throwing. There was a kid there who seemed to spend most of the day sitting by the rope tow throwing snowballs. He was an easy target.

After two hours, we were ready for some ultra-hot chocolate before our journey home. We intended to stop for Krispy Kreme on the way through Issaquah, but ended up going to Fatburget first, which left us too full for hot pastries. This means that I maintain a Krispy Kreme-free existence.

[ more pictures from Charles ]

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