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dot dot dot

Today was very laid back. I listened to writers and directors on the Fellowship of the Ring DVD this morning while I tried to learn to solve the Rubik's cube. I have this irrational belief that it's a skill that could come in handy some day. Like when the aliens come to take us away.

I went out through the rain to get a haircut, putting my fashion mullet dreams on hold. Though it's not exactly short I think it's might be back to the "fur" stage now.

I'll probably just watch a movie or read or something that combines laziness and introversion.


One of my students brought in one of those puzzles that has numbers 1 - 12 or whatever, and you have to slide them around to make them be in order (they're popular at Restoration Hardware now) and she was sharing it on her sharing day. Well, I took it and started playing with it. I was obssessed with finishing it, right there! All the kids were like "Miss Caron, what are you doing?" It was funny.

Another child, on the same day, brought in some cheap thing that makes your voice sound like a robot. That was also amusing to me. I kept saying "Hello my name is Miss Caron."

I'm easily amused.

Trick: When I was little I'd just peel the stickers off of the rubix cube.
switching the stickers is even less satisfying than using this website: