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I went to the Toxicogenomics class today and I think I might sign-up for it when I get an add code. I'm sort of reluctant to take it, since I'll need to write another silly paper. If I can think of a paper that I want to write, I think that might persuade me to register.

When I got home, I watched some Macworld on the Quicktime and downloaded Safari. It is speedy, but without tabs. Even though i got a reimbursement check for my trip to Chicago last year, I don't think that I'll be rushing out to buy one of the new PowerBooks. The keyboard lighting is completely nifty though.

Maybe an iPod to replace my broken mp3 player though?


I've been meaning to mention this: Aveo & Creeper Lagoon are going to be at Graceland on Friday for the low, low price of $8.


ellen got her wish!

I thought that I should at least use it once since she went to the trouble of selecting an image and cropping it to icon size for me.
yeah safari is pretty smooth. can't justify buying a new mac till i finish paying off college.

bummer i guess i'll be missing that show.. kspu is putting on a free show w/ a few bands from seattle and portland that night I believe.
my second biggest issue with safari is that it doesn't render my livejournal at all. I realize that my style probably sloppy, but it seemed to work with other browsers...

I'm sort of sad that they didn't put the glowing keyboard in all of the powerbooks. as amazing as it is, a 17" screen seems to defeat the portability aspect of a laptop. And of course, I couldn't justify buying it anyway either. especially since my iBook isn't even a year old.

I guess free is a lower low price than $8.
did you watch the whole keynote?
Jobs did mention about making the desktop computer obsolete, I think. (because the 17" fricken is a desktop. I mean, that thing will not rest comfortable on your lap. )
No, I only caught the last part. But yeah, it does sort fit the role of traveling desktop. Right now, I'd be happy to upgrade from my iBook to the 15" version. If only they incorporated that glowing keyboard ... and I had an extra $2500 sitting around.