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many happy returns

Since I hadn't been there for weeks, I thought that the first day of classes seemed like an appropriate time to go back to the office. When I had tired of making revisions, I sent my manuscript to co-authors for final comments. It is a nice built-in two-week break from looking at it.

Having finished before five o'clock, I decided to walk downtown to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I'm completely enchanted by the whole series, and really liked the movie a lot. The end was a little extra schmaltzy, but I won't hold it against the whole film. I'm really excited for the third installment, which will be directed by Alfonso Cuaron, He has made some really beautiful movies like Y Tu Mama Tambien and Great Expectations, so the new movie will probably be excellent even without having read the book.

The best part of the movie is how I was only the second person in the theatre until a family came and sat directly in front of me. Later, someone was snoring loudly through the ending. I wanted to go wake them up, but didn't.

After the movie, I grabbed some falafel (which I kept off my shirt) and went to Dante's. On the way home, I noticed that there are New Beetle Convertibles at the Volkswagen dealership in the U-District.

Tomorrow, I think I'm going to check out a class that starts at 9 am. I have it written on my wrist so that I'll remember in the morning. This reminds me of time and how I should mention that I've been reading Einstein's Dreams. It's pretty excellent.


I'm no Roger Ebert

I appear to be the only person who did not like the 2nd Potter movie, though I too am very much looking forward to the third movie...mostly because of the change in directors. I gather you've seen Y Tu Mama Tambien? I have not.

I still can't put off the ending the way everyone else can. I have some defect that won't allow me to see the purpose of it.

Re: I'm no Roger Ebert

The ending did seem strange, but I looked at the last chapters and decided that I was OK with it. There is very little text devoted to the final feast and I think it would have taken up too much time to go through the business of the house cup, exams cancelled, everyone in pyjamas, and Lockhart. I can imagne that there was probably some cheering all around, so giving it to Hagrid ... definitely hokey but why not? All the Slytherin can't be completely evil.

I think that the biggest issue with Cuarón and the third film will be that it is likely to be more of an adaptation than the first two. A valid criticism of the first two movies is that they pretty much follow the books exactly. This makes for three hour movies from 250 page books. With the third and fourth books substantially longer, I imagine that there will be a lot of cuts. This will probably make a better film (more time for character development, less time for every detail), but it might upset the fans.

Though it was possibly over-hyped (almost in a My Big Fat Accessible Foreign Film), I thought that Y tu mamá también was very good. But I'm a sucker for melancholy. And Great Expectations was beautiful. I haven't seen A Little Princess but I remember it being well-reviewed.

Re: I'm no Roger Ebert

Are you going to bye a VW bug?

Re: I'm no Roger Ebert

I doubt it.
But maybe someday.
Do you want to buy one for me?

Re: I'm no Roger Ebert

I told you my friend Bryan hated it. HATED it. With passion. And Jeff hated the first one so much that he won't even see the 2nd one.

I read today that they are going to take 2 years to film this next one. We have to wait 2 years for the next film! Sheesh.

A friend, Joe, told me that in China, where they ignore TM laws, they have written like, 5 more HP books. In the later ones, Harry and Hermione get it on!

Re: I'm no Roger Ebert

Did the people who hated the movie read the books? I think they're better that way, since the movies don't have a lot of time to spend on character development.

I think you're right about the next one. IMDB lists it as having a 2004 release date. The kids will be thirty by the seventh film!

Strangely, we were talking about the Chinese Harry Potter books today in the car.

Re: I'm no Roger Ebert

Jeff read all of the books, love them - hated the first movie and refuses to see any other. Bryan and Matt both read the books but hated #2. Who knows. My theory is that they saw the books their way, and the movie wasn't their way. And that's fine.

Those crazy Chinese.