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lovers of unsolicited commentary look no further!

Today I add a new direction to this otherwise thrilling journal. Rather than simply writing about boring things that I do, I will also provide unsolicited commentary on weird things that I witness in my everyday life.

This thematic change was inspired by the sight of two people who were sporting matching backpacks. The backpacks matched in every detail. They had matching heavy-duty rubberized handles to which matching yin-yang style carabiniers were attached. They were attached in such a way to make the backpacks appear to be mirror images (i.e., one person had the clip on the right side of the unnecessarily heavy rubberized handle and the other person had the clip on the left side) as the two people walked side by side. My deepest hope is that the backpacks were of the free schwag variety. They had the message "Eureka! Daily Grind" on the flap above the goodie-filled net pouch. Now, these women were not attempting to be twins or anything - no matching clothing or anything freaky.

I don't know why the whole matching bags thing horrified me. I am not particularly anti-conformity, but it would drive me nuts to be part of a matching backpack pair. Also the handle bothered me intensely. Maybe it is because I woke up too early this morning and it was cold on the way to class. This may have impaired my thinking and made me more susceptible to unnecessary criticism.

See, the real point of this entry was to slowly begin to reveal my flaws to the world. Never fear, there will also be posts about random good things and the always juicy aspects of my everyday existence. For instance, the next post may be about crows.

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