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lots of rain tonight

Since I spent most of yesterday reading,1 unpacking my suitcases, watching the television and the internet, I thought that I should probably leave the house today (this year). To that end, I went to Target and Whole Foods. I bought various cleaning supplies and lots of food.

To get there, I used my friendly neighborhood FlexCar. Unfortunately, I was running late and left someone out in the rain waiting for me to return. I am a bad FlexCitizen. To try to make up for my lateness, I just left all of my bags of purchases under a stairway in the parking garage and hurried to return the vehicle. Luckily, they guy wasn't very upset about waiting and no one took my purchases.

Whee. To end this thrill-packed day, I think I'll watch a movie. Probably CQ.

[1] Now that I've finished the Harry Potter books, I can move on to the stack of books I got for xmas. That is, until Britain's highest earning woman writes the next installment in which Harry will likely be the subject of a murderous plot, compete for and win a prize, and end up in the hospital.


Does the FlexCar program work pretty well? I haven't known anyone that uses it, but it seems like those little green civics are all around the town so it must be readily available.

btw, good cd
I think FlexCar works well enough that I haven't yet bought a car. I usually only use it a couple times a month and it's pretty easy to find an available vehicle. The entry plan now costs $8/hour—they used to charge by both hours and miles—so I don't know what effect that will have on my monthly costs.


I think that I bought that CD based on it's perfect rating on Pitchfork. I wasn't sorry.


Hey Josh, aren't you supposed to be reading Techfee proposals right about now instead of leaving some poor guy in the driving rain waiting for the FlexVehicle(TM)? See you on Friday.

-- Gorkem

Re: Techfee

I didn't want to spoil my Friday Night plans!