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pictures of other people

I didn't really take many new year's eve pictures. Those that I took were from the end of the night at the second party, the one where people kept entering by ladder from the roof through a hole in the ceiling.

Luckily, both parties were swarming with digital cameras; more thorough documentation can be found elsewhere (e.g., here & here).


There was probably about a 1:5 camera/person ratio last night, it was insane. Apparently there was video footage taken at Flash's last night too?
with all the cameras and the internet, it's like automatic Total Information Awareness!

I'm looking forward to the premiere of the video footage. Maybe they could find something worth selling to the people at Girls Gone Wild. Or Bumfights.
Your outfit looked great Josh. I particularly like the picture of the guy who isn't wearing any pants. We suspected that there might be some flaws to this "switching clothes" party, but it obviously worked out :)

my mother dresses me funny.

Thanks! My outfit was almost entirely purchased at the Portage Goodwill store.

The switching clothes thing went better than I'd expected. Pants were definitely the biggest issue since (1) it's much easier to layer upper body apparel, (2) waist size is pretty variable, (3) sometimes there just aren't enough orange or yellow pants. But then, some people don't really mind being pants-less.