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Pretty low-key day here in Kalamazoo.

I decided to be finished shopping and wrapped all of my gifts in the morning. I re-learned the rules of The Great Brain Robbery with my family this afternoon. My family's game-playing behavior is significantly different than the table 15 crowd. Where we (t15) all seemed to spend most of the game laughing at the rules and game cards, they seemed to care about strategy and winning. Very strange.

My grandma and cousin from my dad's side of the family came over for a while this evening. My sister and I (re-)learned how to play backgammon. Later, I opted out of Pictionary so that I could take pictures.

Now it's after midnight EST; so happy Wednesday one and all!


the t15 conspiracy

what is this notorious t15 crowd you speak of in your journal?

(or is it an elite mafia force that no one may understand?)

Re: the t15 conspiracy

I thank you for that question.