josh (joshc) wrote,

another two days

We woke up early yesterday morning to drive into northern michigan (approximately to the tip of the ring finger) for some winter sport. In particular, Boyne Highlands for skiing and snowboarding. The place was strangely empty, so it was very good---absence of liftlines and lodge crowds.

The Holiday Inn where we always used to stay is now part of a casino; so that added an extra element of fun (?) to the weekend. After skiing, we got to go to the casino, where they made us sign up for "Players Cards." Since it is a player card, I thought I should have a preferred gambling name, but they just put my real name on the card. Very disappointing.

I wasn't really into the gambling since the slot machines leave me feeling sad, and I didn't feel like spending lots (relatively) on the tables. However, I was pretty entertained just watching Craps and trying to understand the rules.

After breakfast this morning, we drove home. When we got there, the delegation from Texas had arrived at my grandma's house. We stayed over there until it was time for them to have dinner with their uncle.

I don't know what else is planned for tonight. I see some last-minute shopping is in my future.
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