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today was the CHRU holiday party, featuring a white elephant gift exchange. The hideous cornucopia received last year was re-entered into the great gift exchange cycle. The student office has become a repository for excellent items---the lowing cow, devil ducky, singing seizure reindeer, dried gourds, etc.

After working, I met Ellen at Solstice to give her some CDs. Brendan was there too, hard at work on his new book. Good music was being played by the baristas---New Pornographers and Spoon albums with a little Pinback, Notwist, and Kings of Convenience mixed in for good measure. They should feature employee selections like a video or book store.

Ellen persuaded me to go over to her house to eat pizza and watch the thrilling finale of The Amazing Race. It was really exciting, especially since the finale was in Gasworks Park. Even though they were stressful to watch, I was happy when the Zen guy / psycho girl team won. I'm now convinced that there is no better reality series than the Amazing Race in terms of being a contestant or just watching on TV.

Now, I'm panicking about packing and waiting for some laundry. I really should have shipped the few gifts that I bought in Seattle. Combined with the snowboarding stuff, I think I'll be in trouble.

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