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today in abbreviated form.


weird dreaming last night, sleeping too much, going to work, shopping a little bit, seeing The Trials of Henry Kissinger, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

will provide details upon request.


Josh - I want to hear about your dream. I had a crazy ass dream last night that we had to go to your apt. in Seattle to get you for the Monday table 15 party. Then your friend was there, and he kept telling us about this girl who had been there right before we got there (jennifer and I) and she was going to be the teacher of the year next year because she was soooo good. Then we were at the outer banks because I found a map to prove to you that it's an island and not a peninsula. Then we were walking on this bridge and I was so scared because we were going to have to swim to land, and the waves were SO high they were going as high as the trees. Then I woke up.