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the uneventful things of today

I went to the office today and did some things. Much of what I did involved purchasing things online. I bought something for everyone who sent me their wishlist to reward them for appeasing my desire to avoid gift shopping in the real world.

Because I didn't really start working on anything meaningful until the afternoon, I stayed there until 8, came home to eat dinner, burned my finger, went to Dante's, had some beer, ate a rum-infused cherry, talked, got a ride home with Ellen, listed prime numbers, and now I'm sort of ready to sleep again.


speaking of which, where's your wishlist?
Nevermind. I see you added me as a friend. Thanks, friend!
wow---you are a true power-user!


you already found this:


really, I'm just interested in understanding the shortest URLs to link to Amazon pages.

Re: redundant

usually they're in the form of http://www.amazon.com/o/something/something.html or

You can almost always take off the extra numbers and arguments.


I had always assumed your last name started with a C. What does Bis mean? What type of name is it?

Re: PS

yeah. there already was a joshb so I went with my middle initial. I don't know why I didn't try to think of something unrelated to my actual name. Young and stupid, I guess.

I don't know what Bis means. Apparently, it escaped from Poland around the Great War. It is hard to google for it because it is a pretty common prefix (e.g., bis-phosphate) and is the name of a band