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Typical Wednesday. Woke up, folded laundry, got dressed, took the bus downtown, bought a bagel. At the office, I asked the computer to do some statistics, made some tables, attended a meeting, and read some articles. Back to campus for a slice of Pagliacci and a GPSS meeting. Then to Solstice to finish reading Beloved. I found the ending section very moving and, as a whole, the novel was very good. I will probably need to re-read it before I can write anything meaningful about it.

As I was switching gears to work on the delayed epidemiology paper, a girl asked to look at Beloved. She then proceeded to tell me how she really doesn't like any women authors and can't recall reading any books by black men. She couldn't even think of a novel by an African-American man, and Toni Morisson was the only woman she'd read and found o.k.. So, I didn't really know what to say except to name some authors of color, mention something about post-war multi-culturalism, and go home.

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