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I thought that the due date for a certain assignment was next week. Funny -- it's really due tomorrow. Not really "ha ha" funny though.

I guess I know what I'll be doing for the next 23 hours.



You're the second person whose journal I've read today describing such a predicament. Knowing the genuine misery that goes into this sort of thing, wanted to say good luck :)

Re: eek


I just need to get into the proper mindset for producing a crappy paper.
Couldn't you just explain what happened and get an extension (and maybe a .1 grade difference a day)? It seems ridiculous to put yourself through hell for one paper.

(the spell checker isn't working)

oh, I have this thought at least once an hour.

It definitely isn't worth the torture of staying up all night or anything. I'm taking the class S/NS, so I don't even care about the grade.

I just know that I will never want to write this paper* and should just force myself to do as much as possible today.

* which is pretty annoying. I realize that people probably want a method of evaluating student performance, but I know that this paper is completely worthless and has nothing to do with what I'm taking from the past quarter of Marxist Epidemiology (and discussions of the inaccuracies of nutritional assessment). And I was taking this course basically for fun........
I agree with Ellen. You get awesome grades - just this one time couldn't you go for the B or however y'all do grading out there?
yeah, I'm planning to see how much I can get done today. I'm only taking the course S/NS (satisfactory/non-satisfactory) so if I can't finish the paper today, I'll just see what happens if it's late.