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demonstrating that i'm not anti-consumer every day.

After semi-resisting the Harry Potter books (but mostly never getting around to reading them), I randomly ordered the box set from amazon.co.uk1 last week. I decided that if I was going to read them, I should get the authentic versions.

I hadn't planned to start reading them until the quarter is over; so the speedy delivery really surprised me.

(1) and you're done. TM


I'm so happy for you - I hope you enjoy the books. I'd love to borrow them from you when you're done, as I'd also like to read the authentic versions. The American versions are less and less Americanized each time a new book comes out, but nevertheless, they're still Americanized.
I hadn't realized that they were very Americanized (I only really knew about the changing of "philosopher's stone" to "sorcerer's stone"). I read the British version of Bridget Jones and enjoyed that weight was measured in stones and not pounds.
Josh - you are awesome! Thanks.

(BTW - when I watched the second movie I was mad because they changed the password to Dumbledore's office from Lemon Drop to Sherbet Lemon. Now reading the thingy you posted, I see that was the actual British password, so all is good and right again. But why would they change something like that?)
I was similarly glad to have solved the Lemon Drop vs Sherbet Lemon password! Funny thing, I reread all the books while at my mom's last week and as we thought it was Lemon Drop in Book 1, but then in Book 3 he tried to use Sherbet Lemon, and it said it was the password from before. Weird that they weren't consistent on what was changed and what wasn't.
I'm jealous - I love Bridget Jones!! H.P. books are Americanized by using American slang, American food, etc. I'm not sure the exact extent of their Americanization but I've heard it's a lot.