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sunny, with limited daylight

I've been doing a whole lot of nothing with this long weekend. Watching movies (Storytelling, Reservoir Dogs, A.I.), reading (continuing Beloved -- which has inspired some weird dreams), eating, and sleeping.

Today, I bought a New York Times and met Ellen and Flash at Solstice. I'm interested in making a photo book of all of the people that stop to pet the dog. I think it could become great.

After that, we went to Le Pichet with Tim, Al, Jenny, and Cori. Despite the tiny venue, the band had a bass, bassoon, and drums, along with the lead singer and his acoustic guitar. The music was good and so was the wine, cheese, and butter lettuce salad.

Now, maybe I'll try to work on my paper/proposal for class. Sadly, I must report that it has nothing to do with Marxist Epidemiology.


How did you like Storytelling?? You're one of the few other people I know that has seen it. I saw it in New York, which for some reason added to the surrealism.

And I'm definitely disappointed that your paper has nothin gto do with Marxist Epidemiology.