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Buying nothing was not very exciting, but there is a new muppet movie on right now. That's something.


what channel? I'm now home and bored.
NBC, but it's over now.
bummer.. I'll have to wait for it to be reshown in a couple weeks or so.
I found this about halfway through. My friend Anna pointed out the genius that is adult actors behaving seriously while surrounded by muppets. I think "Keep Fishin'" proved that R. Cuomo couldn't do that without laughing.
there's a new muppet movie?! what's it called?
I only saw the second half. It was pretty much It's a Wonderful Life in Muppet Form.

I missed the Moulin Rouge part, which could have tipped the scales of judgement. So, I just don't know.
I was saddened to confirm through the appearance of David Arquette that I am now out of the Muppet demographic. :^(