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an excuse to avoid the crowds?

asking people not to buy anything threatens 'the current economic policy of the United States.'


funny, i clicked on some banner to see what would happen if i wanted to order some postcards from adbusters, and you cannot order from them today. the ordering site is crossed out saying 'its buy nothing day'! haha
I didn't think of testing their commitment, but it's really great that they did that.
Even though I may not entirely support their cause (i.e. i completed all my gift purchases today) I think their ads are cool and they definitely prove some worthy points. Our extended family has taken on doing gift exchanges to help cut back on the needless excessive purchases. What i witnessed today was parents outright spoiling their kids.. not only were they buying brand new consoles.. but in excess of 6-8 games for those consoles too.. geesh.


6-8 games? brand new ones? that is a ton of money.

Re: wow

definitely.. 12 year olds shouldn't be getting $600- $900 christmas presents.. especially if their parents are making middle class or below wages. there's so many great presents in the $25-100 price range.

Re: wow

man, at that age i'd rather have a bicycle or a skateboard. anything but a game that entails sitting on thee butt for hours at a time, staring at the tv screen.
Yeah, that's pretty much my feeling about Adbusters. Good points and nice pictures, but I can't really embrace their policies completely. Also, I don't think that they even claim to have a defined core philosophy.

My not shopping today is more a function of not getting a local newspaper. Without sale papers, I don't know about any great deals, so I really have no temptation. Also, the bit about sleeping in.