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The thanksgiving festivities at Carole's were pretty great. She was a little stressed out about cooking the turkey, but all went well according to the meat eaters.

(I've been drinking wine for about ten hours, so this will be short. FYI: the Beaujoulais Nouveau at Trader Joe's is pretty good.)

We sat around, eating bread and cheese, listening to music for a while. Dinner was very good all around, with pie courses at movie (Zoolander) intermission and ending. I found the JCPenny line extremely funny and did not spit red wine on the carpet. The pumpkin pie, though left unrefrigerated overnight, was tasty and we hope that no one was poisoned... We watched another movie for a while (The Score), but I'd already watched it and pretended to be passed out until Rachel decided to go home.

Yeah. So happy thanksgiving, and I'll post some pictures tomorrow morning when I have nothing else to do with my long weekend.
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