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in other news

Today at Solstice, I ate opera cake and saw a cockatoo on a customer's shoulder. It really startled me when I noticed it. It seems really cold for a tropical bird to be out and about.

I'm going to The Prom tomorrow. Does anyone want to go? It's at Graceland and tickets are available online. No formalwear required. (I hope). Also: Rilo Kiley and Rainer Maria will be there.


the prom is so good, i'd go, but i can't afford it
all three were good, but the times and details were all mixed-up.

$3.33 per band is not too bad.
I'm going to be at the show.. Rilo Kiley is playing also (they're awesome)

it start at 6pm right?
i despise the bird lady.

if you glance at her laptop, you'll see that she seems to be working on some sort of bird-related publication.

You should go see the prom. I miss you!

I think the event will be cockatoo-free!
I was so shocked by the sight of the bird that I didn't have time to investigate further.

Is it a bird book or bird 'zine?