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blight and squalor

I guess the UW beat WSU in the Apple Cup. It's pretty commendable that the UW team won and yet I didn't notice any rioting or burning of furniture or cars in the streets.

Still, it kind of makes me miss East Lansing. Nothing like a good old sport-related civil disturbance/uprising/fracas/melee/riot, police marching past the front porch, tear gas and flames a couple of blocks away, everyone making tapes to sell to Inside Edition ...

P.S. What was the point of the Gunson Street melee?


a) people in seattle either don't care that much or have better things to do with their time maybe? or perhaps we're just too polite? we like to line up and do things in very orderly ways. we even blamed the anarchists from olympia for being the ones to cause trouble at the WTO protest. seattlites just wanted to peacefully sit on the ground, i'm sure.
b) i can't believe these disturbances are referred to as "fracas". that is too funny.
yeah. the other comments better explain the causes, but I think that a lot of it has to do with the City of Seattle having better things to do than create anti-student policies.

Really, the best part was seeing all of the different names that people used to describe a bunch of drunken people burning stuff and being civilly disobedient. without calling it a riot.

point of Gunson Street

Well, I'm not so sure there was a point. But in events related, MSU kicked WMU's ass that day in football at the home stadium. So there were lots of WMU students attending the EL game and staying at houses of high school buds who lived on or near Gunson Street. And then someone lit a couch on fire, and that was history.

Ah, East Lansing. What a place.

Re: point of Gunson Street

When I looked at the State News from that time, it seems like that melee also coincided with the closure of Munn to tailgaters? My memories are all mixed-up due to the other basketball-related fracases.

But you're right about the WMU kids being to blame. Also the oppressive police, student-unfriendly City and University policies, and the general fun of burning and breaking stuff.

Did I ever tell you that I know the guy who sold the videotape to Inside Edition? I do.

Re: point of Gunson Street

Gunson Street was definitely because of the Munn Field thing. Some of my friends and I were out and about that night instead of studying for exams and ended up at Munn. It all began I think because some students had organized a protest at Munn, but when people got there police had surrounded the whole field and put up a fence and wouldn't let anyone on. Eventually people went nuts, broke through the fences, ran around on the field, marched to the Presidents house and then ended up wandering down Grand River, where they picked up lots of drunk people from the bars. It culminated I think on Gunson where some idiots started a fire and the cops came and teargassed everyone. Luckily I went home long before most of this. But, what should have been a peaceful protest on Munn ended as the first riot. Crazy.

Re: point of Gunson Street

You did know him or you do know him or both? And how? And did he get lots of money?

Re: point of Gunson Street

We were RAs together at science kid camp; so I'm not sure what tense to use.

I don't know how much money the tape was worth. I don't think it was a huge amount though.