josh (joshc) wrote,

I wanted Al Gore to be president in 1988.

I only saw Al & Tipper from a distance, through one of the arcade doors in the basement in the cafe. Moments later, an employee installed a barrier. Still, a girl kept looking at them through a crack in the room divider.

It seems that they were at the store for a signing and not a reading. The line to have something signed wrapped from downstairs to the upstairs, out of the store and around the block. Since I really didn't want to buy one of their books and didn't want Ellen's knitting needles to be confiscated in the name of former Vice Presidential Security, we decided that waiting outside for two hours was not a great idea.

There was an annoying "robot Al Gore" outside the store. I think he wanted us to vote for someone else. I wanted to shove him into traffic.

Our super brilliant plan was to have dinner at the Crocodile so that we could buy tickets to the Circulatory System. This was intended to allow us plenty of time to hang out at Bill Maher's reading. Unfortunately, the Croc people weren't into selling tickets/stamps early and the grilled cheese induced nausea. Fortunately, we were not out of great ideas: a taxi allowed us to leave the car in a great parking spot, Bill Maher was finished by 8:40, and the hypothetical crowd for the show didn't materialize.

Bill Maher was funny. Though he has many good points, humorous insights, and opinions (When You Ride Alone, You Ride with bin Laden), they really don't fit together into a plan. Also, he might have [indirectly] killed an old woman at the reading who was found to have lost consciousness after he quit talking. I might need to place an I SAW U to find out what happened.

The Circulatory System was good, but not what I expected. I think that Amber, Tony, Al, and Ellen were really hoping that there would be some Neutral Milk Hotel mixed in for good measure, but this really didn't pan out. However, I invited the band to stay at Ellen's house; so maybe they'll provide some Jeff Magnum connections or insights. At the very least, maybe they'll pay for their lodging with some quality merchandise.

The Minus Five was "old man rock" so we went home. I really don't have a plan for today.
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