josh (joshc) wrote,

Today I volunteered to help with the National Pharmaceutical Stockpile drill at the HUB. I was assigned the role of a fifty-four-year-old man who allergic to Vacnomycin and had an enlarged prostate. I was potentially exposed to anthrax while visiting my lawyer. It was interesting to see how the department of health planned to handle an emergency situation and I got M&Ms instead of Cipro. (The M&Ms were labeled with a disclaimer to let idiots know that they wern't drugs -- the joy of IRB approval!)

I had a little free time before class after the first round, so I went through again. This time, I was assigned the role of a sixty-one-year-old who had diarrhea for six months after eating in a deli in the building. This scenario was much more interesting, but I didn't get extra M&Ms because my character wasn't exposed.
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