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home again now.
i'm tired and need to finish reading Bone so I don't have time to write about these things from today:
lots of time spent in transit
conveyor belt sushi restaurant
poster presentation

or yesterday:
art museum
chicago style pizza
getting up early to email from starbucks.


Did you have as much fun on this Chicago trip as you did on our Humanities/Sunday in the Park with George trip? ;-)

multiple choices, same answer

I really don't think that is even theoretically possible.


No, I didn't go back to the Museum of Broadcast Communications.


No, Rhea Brocklehurst wasn't there to freak out over sidewalk grates.

Re: multiple choices, same answer

And Mr. Maltby probably wasn't there as a chaperone, huh?

I don't know what I was thinking, of course no trip to Chicago will ever be better than one! :-)