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if you want to destroy my sweater ...

Friday night started with lazy sitting around reading magazines, listening to music, taking out the recycling. Many helicopters were hovering above the city. My sources tell me that there was a fire at the chemistry building.

Tired of that active schedule, tried to redeem my laziness by running a few treadmill miles. I ate some leftover lunch foods and met Ellen and Cori at CoCA for some experimental "meme" music. I only saw the full set of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and the end of Tourniquet, Sorry About the Name. SWITCH, A TOURNIQUET FOR DREAMS.

Next, we met Joe and Amber at Vito's. Though it was pimp-free, great people were in attendance . Tonight's big star was the drunk lady at the table next to us who kept disrobing . She was wearing a couldn't decide which combination of shirt and sweater she liked best. At one point she even tried to take my sweater! Later, one of her male companion tied his shirt to expose his mid-rift (?) *.
" title="the correction">midriff</a>
a la Britney Spears in the "Hit me baby one more time" video.

good times...


I saw a huge chain of fire trucks barreling down my street -- that must have been where they were headed.
The band that you missed most of was actually called "Swith, a tourniquet for memories".

At Vito's, I also really enjoyed the girl who came in with the strapless dress and body jewelry, looking like she was...looking for something?

And that's "midriff". Believe it or not.

I might be wrong.

the Stranger listed it as SWITCH, A TOURNIQUET FOR DREAMS

anyway. thanks. I'll make the corrections.
jeez. sorry. i'll never comment on something to possibly be corrected again. i was just trying to help.

It's weird that they're listed as blah blah blah "dreams" in the Stranger, since on the flyer I picked up at CoCA it definitely says "Memories". I did get the feeling that they'd just made up the name for that night though.


the only reason that it was in all caps is that I copied and pasted from The Stranger's Up & Coming section.

and the comment was helpful. I learned the proper use of "midriff"!