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time and pirates

I completely overslept without realizing it because I was exactly an hour late and didn't put on glasses when I woke up. Still, I made it to class slightly disheveled but a little before the professor.

After class, I went to work on my poster. I am spending too much quality time with PowerPoint - moving text and tweaking figures. Thrill a minute stuff, but it really has a way of making time disappear.

After work, I met Ellen and Flash at Solstice. They trekked all the way over in the rain to pick up a copy of the Sigur Ros CD. This was definitely the most serious Seattle rain that I've seen in a while/ever; so that tells you how much they wanted it.

We sat out on the porch for a while, waiting to see if would stop raining. Everyone -- even the smoking barista guy (Ryan?) -- loved Flash. When it became evident that the dog was cold and the rain was continuing, we decided to take a FlexCar back to Wallingford.

There, Flash was dried off, did some spinning, and I learned to play dominoes and the card game (I forgot/didn't learn the name). I won a hand of cards, but I need to practice my addition skills to improve at dominoes. Eventually, it was time to listen to Sigur Ros in the dark and drink tea. I only stayed for the first couple of tracks, but everyone was sort of falling asleep and I'd procrastinated a lot already.

Of course now that I'm home, I'm not doing work anyway. Maybe in the morning?
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