josh (joshc) wrote,

the futility of geography

Had a fun-filled spur-of-the moment road trip to Portland with Carole, Rachel, Kate and Elena. We piled into Carole's car without a plan, and ended up doing a lot of walking around the city and comparing and contrasting with Seattle. We went to the Chinese Gardens, had lunch at a Lebanese/Italian place, browsed around Powell's, had dessert on 23rd (which doesn't seem to have a Seattle companion), and drove home.

Some strange details from the highway: the copper monuments to Mother Theresa, Holocaust victims, and Native American Indians (all tribes). Also, they're not so much into music on road trips.

I took many pictures, which may be posted in the future. Many of them are of plants.

After the trip, Rachel dropped me off at Dante's.

Now I'm tired. The Rockstar Brand energy beverage from the highway is wearing off...
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