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murder by minimalist pizza

You might have wondered about Argentinean pizza. Well, I found out that it is essentially thin crust minimalist pizza. Damien pre-preapared the ingredients from scratch, and each had its own special topping: tomato & basil, broccoli, onion, red pepper, cheese. He kept producing more and more pizza, and we kept eating it.

The other highlights of the evening at his Bothell condo was the vibrating recliner (a very Kris-like first purchase) and a weird gyroscope-like handheld exercise device.

As if we hadn't already overeaten, he then provided cookies and other sweets from Argentina. Everything was so good, but I think I'm going to die now.

I think I'm going to see Punch Drunk Love tomorrow afternoon. Details aren't clear right now, but let me know if you want to go.


murder by minimalist pizza.

heh, i just posted an entry entitled "death by media" when i noticed your title. nice.

Re: murder by minimalist pizza.

so many ways to die, so little time.

me me me

I want to go to see Punch Drunk Love with you! I want to go!

Too bad you live 3,000 miles away.

ah well

Re: me me me

I thought it was good. Though everyone else has mentioned that it was also strange. I'd recommend seeing it, especially if you like Paul Thomas Anderson's movies. The movie looks and sounds amazing, and he's so good at capturing moments.

Re: me me me

... too bad you didn't stock up on frequent flyer miles from healthy choice pudding! then 3000 miles for a movie wouldn't be anything.