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SPOILER: "You xylo. You xylo no fi lo. You so."

When I realized that there was actually a high-pitched ringing noise going on outside, I felt incredibly better about the state of my eardrums.

I did some drugstore type errands this afternoon, and bought some music: Ryan Adams Demolition and Friend/Enemy 10 songs, & Sigur Rós ( ) . Apparently, they all have track names. That's OK. I rarely notice the names of songs that actually have titles.

Which reminds me. I should see if I can still get tickets to their show later this month. Is anyone else going to be stuck in the balcony?

The rain today is really good. The homeless guy with the I Know What You Did Last Summer rainsuit was in Solstice this evening.

Next: Argentinean Pizza at Damian's.
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