josh (joshc) wrote,

impressed by local celebrities

You might not think that my ears would still be buzzing. But they are. It is nice that my hearing is back to normal though. I'm pretty sure that this ringing in the ears (especially the left one) is a sign of irreparable damage.

Oh well. I can't really bring myself to wearing earplugs, and The Dismemberment Plan was so good. And so loud. I'm so glad that Ellen was able to use her networking skills to get me a ticket. Since I was too slow to actually buy one on line or to walk over to Graceland to pick one up. And the show was "sold out sucka."

Waiting to get in, I'm pretty sure that Chris Walla from Death Cab For Cutie was hanging out. Later, he (or the lookalike) was on stage for the big dance number.

After the show, I went to Ellen's new house for a tour and some quality time with Flash, the Basset Hound. She did not howl, despite some incorrect encouragement.

There are probably other things that happened today, but I'm tired now.

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